Darren Burns Physique Photography will be the official photographers at the Amateur Olympia Las Vegas competition and will be providing both onstage and backstage studio photography services. Preorders can be made during the registration day (check-in) at the photography booth. The advantage of ordering prior to the contest is that the photography team will make a note of your competitor number and will look for you in the class lineup and get a few more great shots of you onstage.

Onstage Photography

The team of photographers will have the best seats in the Orleans Showroom to shoot all the excitement and action during the contest.

Backstage Studio

A photography studio will be setup backstage near the pump-up area. As a special for all Amateur Olympia athletes, it will be FREE to have your backstage studio photographs taken with no need to make an appointment. After the event, all the studio photos will be available for viewing online and if you like the studio photographs, which we are sure you will, then you can contact us for further information.

Digital Video File

You can now order a HD MP4 video file of the your class/es. This will be a download file/s delivered to your email address via our free file transfer service. The fully edited file will include all walkouts, comparisons, routines and awards.

Wayne Gallasch of GMV Productions will be shooting and producing the video files, with all orders to be placed with Darren Burns Physique Photography

Multimedia Package

For the first time ever at the Amateur Olympia, you will be able to purchase all your stage and studio photographs, plus a digital video file of your class and is great value at the at the special Amateur Olympia price.

Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity. You train for years, prepare for months to be your best onstage on the Amateur Olympia stage, so let an experienced team capture these special moments onstage that will last a lifetime.

Amateur Olympia Photography Preorder Price List

  1. Onstage - $95
  2. Backstage Studio - $55
  3. Digital Video File - $45
  4. Onstage/Backstage Studio - $135
  5. Onstage/Digital Video File - $125
  6. Multimedia package (includes Onstage/Backstage Studio & Digital Video File) - $165